Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Calling All Reparative Therapy Success Stories

I'm going to be on the radio on Friday (Catholic Answers Live -- 7pm ET December 9) I fear that I might be asked about reparative therapy, father wounds, NARTH and all that jazz. I have never personally been involved with any of that, and I've heard a lot of bad press from the ex-ex-gay movement, and from various people that I know within the Catholic SSA community. I know that the reparative therapists themselves claim to have had lots of successes, and happy clientele, but I've never actually met one of these people or had a chance to talk to them about their experiences, so I feel that I'm rather in the dark when it comes to that side of the issue. I'm putting out a general call for reparative therapy clients to contact me and let me know about their experiences, good or bad. If you have been through this, or know someone who has, please send me a comment or e-mail me at melinda@vulgatamagazine.org. Thanks for the help.


  1. Hi, I have a sister that has feelings for another person of the same sex. We are worried about her and have talked to her about it, she is in a negative position. So we just pray and pray hoping for a miracle. We don't want her to feel rejected because we love her. But what can we do if she continues with this relationship and even wants to go a little bit further, like getting married one day. What can we do? If we say yes is ok to bring your friend at home like any other "spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend" we think is wrong and is not going to help her at all... we are confused,desperated and concern. What's your advice?

  2. Anonymous —

    Read the American bishops' letter "Always Our Children."
    Although explicitly addressed to parents of gay children, its message is valuable for any family member, for gay people, and for all the faithful. A central part of what the bishops tell us is that we must continue to show love to gay family members; we must not reject them. There is a similar, more recent letter from the Canadian bishops.

  3. The Catholic church has been honest about the fact sexual orientation does not change. That is what every medical association has also explained. The ex-gay ministry leaders admitted 2 years ago nobody changed from homosexual to heterosexual. (of course there are some bisexuals)
    In court a few months ago reparative therapy was proven to be consumer fraud. A growing number of states outlaw it for minors and there is a bill in Congress to outlaw it nationwide.
    Today the very conservative Southern Baptist Convention publicly denounced reparative therapy as "a sin against LGBT people" while re-affirming their view that marriage is for man/woman couples only.


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