Friday, May 9, 2014

Alaska Townhall Event

I’m going to be involved in a townhall event today in Anchorage Alaska. Up until this afternoon I’ve been kind of dreading it: reading the bios of the other four participants I felt like I was totally the odd duck in the pond. I’m female. Canadian. Queer. Catholic. They’re male. American. Straight or ex-gay. Protestant. But we had lunch together and talked about this afternoon’s event, and I’m actually really excited for tonight. I’m still the most liberal person in the group, but I don’t feel embattled about it, which is really good. Also the form is cool. Usually when I do stuff it’s basically a long pre-prepared talk followed by Q&A. It means that I write and rehearse a performance, and then give it on the day of, ideally without visibly relying on my crib sheet. (My long-term ambition is to be able to use the ancient ars memoriae to be able to give speeches with my hands entirely free in the style of a Roman orator. But perhaps it’s better that I can’t do that, since I might be instantly damned for vanity if I ever pulled it off.)

Anyways, this is going to different. The goal is a free-form discussion with some vague guidelines to help keep the conversation going. There should also be a lot of Q&A with the audience. I think that it’s going to be recorded and possibly be made available on the internet. I’ll let y’all know if that manifests. There’ll also be another event in Palmer tomorrow, so if it is streaming to the internet I can hopefully figure out where you go to watch in time for that one.

The basic outline is that we’re going to start off talking about the experience of being gay, then we’ll talk about the role of the Church, and finally culture. If I’m not totally dead as a result of jet lag, I’ll try to blog about how it all went down later tonight. 

Finally, if anyone has advice on how to dress like a real lesbian, please help! I probably won’t get your advice in time, but maybe you can improve my look for tomorrow. If it does go to TV, I’d like to look good enough that Terry Nelson won’t tell me I need a stylist!


  1. Sounds awesome! Re dressing like a real lesbian, are you looking to go butch or lipstick? 'Cause the rules are totally different. Gotta give me something to work with vis-a-vis fashion, honey.

  2. I see you're inculturating your vocal idiom for an American audience with the use of the word "y'all" (cf. par. 2) When you get back, just don't forget to revert to the correct form "youse".

    I assume when you asked if "anyone" had any fashion advice, I don't count as an "anyone", since I don't know anything about fashion, much less lesbian fashion. But why don't you just wear what you always wear: jeans and an Iron Maiden t-shirt? Wouldn't that be butch enough? (helpful time-saving hint: recorded media are non-olfactory, so it will not be actually necessary to wash the IM tee.)

  3. I thought you looked very good in the Third Way video.

  4. The short hair really suits you - don't grow it long again! Otherwise, wear what you want.


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